The Iron Curtain has well and truly lifted. The gold domes are gleaming and the gargoyles are grinning. Eastern Europe has been polished up and is ready for your adoration. But don’t worry, it’s still got enough grit and history to keep you guessing.

Join this unique 22-day tour and experience Eastern Europe by private train.

There’s nothing like travelling aboard a train to bring the romanticism of a journey alive. Whether it’s the meditative click-clack of the track or enjoying a three-course lunch with wine and beer included in the Dining Car – time takes on another dimension.

All train journeys are during the day, giving you the opportunity to witness the varied landscapes of Eastern Europe – and the pleasure of a restful night’s sleep in a luxury hotel.

Departing from Moscow, Russia, we travel through Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic before arriving in Berlin, Germany.

Flights from Australia are included, contact Zeppelin Travel today for more information on this fantastic tour.

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