Everything you need to know about Malbec – and where to drink it

Red, red wine: Fed by high-altitude sunshine and snowmelt from the Andes, it may have originated in France but Malbec is a “true grape of Argentina”, finds Becca Hensley

Dusty and parched, I pedal my bike through olive groves, among apricot and plum orchards, beside hilly vineyards, near fields of flowers – all in the shadows of the snow-encrusted Andes. With the sun casting a silvery light on this high-altitude desert, my partner and I find a place in the shade for a picnic. There are no cars on the road, only a man in the distance riding a horse. He’s dressed like a gaucho in baggy pants, tall boots and a beret. Even from this vantage point, I can see he sports a handlebar moustache. He seems like a mirage – until he waves, and gallops away.  READ HERE

Will travel insurance cover checked-in electronics?

The electronics ban onboard flights to the US is causing a right kerfuffle amongst travellers, and with nine airlines and 10 countries affected, it’s drawing mass criticism and concern.  READ HERE

Qatar offers replacement laptop

Following the chaos of the electronics ban imposed on 10 airport cities and nine airlines all operating flights into the US, Qatar has issued a return serve.  READ HERE