Fingerprints replace boarding passes and ID

The breakthrough outlined in the headline is already happening in the US, where the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has started using biometric fingerprint technology that lets fingerprints serve as both proof of identification and boarding pass. READ FULL STORY

Which are the world’s best and worst airports?

A certain airport in New Zealand is better than any airport in Australia, and British airports are among the world’s worst, according to a new ranking which examines punctuality, quality and service at 76 airports worldwide. READ FULL STORY

Dracula castle will reopen after bears are captured

Romania’s Poenari Castle, a tourist attraction because of its links to Dracula, will reopen as soon as a mother bear and her three cubs are rounded up and relocated.

The protective mother bear came close to several tourists last month, leading authorities to declare the castle off limits. READ FULL STORY

10 reasons you can’t travel without an agent

There’s nothing like a handy little list to remind people just how integral Travel Agents they are to the travelling process, and why we shouldn’t consider leaving home without one.

US trade publication, Travel Market Report, has crafted a list of 10 reasons why, from a customer’s perspective, you still need travel agents. READ FULL STORY