IATA reveals full extent of all-time air travel boom: For the first time in history, more than four billion passengers took to the air last year – equivalent to more than half the world’s population flying somewhere – and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has just revealed the big winners…  READ THE FULL STORY BELOW

Dick Smith backs agents – declares war on OTAs: In a sensational attack carried by social media and video channels, Aussie entrepreneur and campaigner Dick Smith has thrown his support behind travel agents and has joined the battle against big American-owned online travel agents (OTAs), which he accuses of “exploiting and extorting” Australian hotel and motels…  READ THE FULL STORY BELOW

Ponant Names New Polar Ship Le Commandant Charcot: Ponant has announced the name of its new­est polar exploration vessel: Le Commandant Charcot. The hybrid electric icebreaker has been named in honor of Captain Jean-Bap­tiste Charcot, who was known as “the gen­tleman of the Poles,” the cruise line said. Le Commandant Charcot is scheduled to launch in 2021…  READ THE FULL STORY BELOW

European Waterways Introduces “Girls’ Getaway” Hotel Barge Charter: With women travel groups on the rise, European Waterways has introduced “Girls’ Getaway” barge charter, offering a wide range of excursions, culinary experiences, shopping and health-con­scious themes, such as yoga and walking… READ THE FULL STORY BELOW

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