Australians ‘cancelling travel over passport delays’: If you need to renew your Australian passport, don’t assume the process will be easy or automatic – reports are surfacing of Australians striking hitches and delays renewing passports within Australia, even when the passport they are renewing is still valid… READ FULL STORY BELOW

‘Miracle’ air crash survival may become more common: An amazing passenger video has emerged from the crash of an Aeromexico flight seconds after takeoff this week – a crash in which nobody was killed, highlighting a little-known fact: in 87% of air crashes, no one dies… READ FULL STORY BELOW

Passenger finds loads of money in Qantas seat pocket: A passenger rummaging in the seat pocket on a Qantas flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles has found a huge stash of cash – and nobody has claimed it… READ FULL STORY BELOW

A380 flying high for 10 years: Emirates fleet of A380’s has carried more than four million Australians and 105 million passengers globally since the first flight to New York from Dubai on August 1, 2008… READ FULL STORY BELOW

Travel gripe survey sparks ‘get off your phone’ campaign: Following an alarming spike in selfie-related deaths and injuries, online travel agency Agoda has launched a campaign to get travellers off their phones, urging them to concentrate on surroundings rather than selfies… READ FULL STORY BELOW

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