Good news on elephants and rhino, now for giraffes: Elephants, rhino and giraffes are part of Africa’s wonderful wildlife mix; amazing and irreplaceable animals that help sustain tourism, provided they are looked after and poachers are kept at bay. A radical new technological breakthrough is helping…. READ FULL STORY BELOW

What did Elvis and Anne Frank have in common?: They both lived in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region in Germany! This week, the celebration of The European Elvis Festival takes place in Bad Nauheim. Furthermore, exciting things are happening in Darmstadt and we want to present to you a hidden spa gem of the region. Have you ever experienced Jewish Frankfurt? Don`t miss your chance to learn more… READ FULL STORY BELOW

Gold Coast surf lifesavers win iconic Molokai paddleboard race: GOLD Coasters have dominated the iconic Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race, with surf lifesaving greats Matt Bevilacqua and Harriet Brown defending their crowns in a tough race…. READ FULL STORY BELOW

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